The Beaded Lizard, has been gathering for more than thirty years, and has been at The Beatitudes Campus for about 15 years now. It is a weekly jam followed by a featured performer. I am happy to be the featured performer for this week. You never know who will show, even the man who started it all, Lon Austin, still drops by regularly. Linda Bilque, Gail Starr and others come by as well. I hope you do, too! If you are a player, bring your instrument for the jam which starts at 6.


Jonathan Frahm, author and journalist, is hosting Songwriter Central at the Monty in Tucson the 3rd Thursday of each month. I am happy to be able to participate in August along with other local songwriters Alison Wahl, Annie Anna, Francis Larson, Joshua Butcher, Liz Painter, Paul Opocensky, and Smootmahooty. Come out and give an ear to these songwriters, even if yu have never heard of them before. Like as not, you will be pleased with what you discover!


We all love a great story. Stories are powerful forces for encouragement, education and growth. Stories also change hearts, change lives, even save lives. This is a legacy, a Spiritual Legacy, of invaluable proportions. Your story has the same incredible power! Yes, your story! No one is a nobody in this life, and there are hearts and souls waiting desperately, needing to hear your story. Through this song, story and poetry concert, participants learn the huge significance of leaving their story for others to find and grow from. Also, how story is a great instigator of conversation, and vital for History preservation. Time is given during the concert to write down thoughts and memories inspired during the presentation. No class members are asked to stand and deliver, so don’t be afraid of that. There is a question and answer session afterwards. Also discussed are the various methods of organizing and making stories available to others, and how to establish a regular story telling gathering for your family or organization. The Heart Of It All Storytelling Concert is suitable for ages 9 to 90 plus years. Nancy Elliott 520-705-5901 The power of story is for everyone. Homemakers, teachers, business people, students. The purpose of story is not just for entertainment, it goes beyond to personal and spiritual growth, healing and understanding.
If you are an artist in any medium, you will find inspiration and resounding depth in developing a local tellers group for art. While everyone is invited to attend, this three hour event is perfect for supervisors and leaders to learn the tremendous value and power of story and storytelling in Law Enforcement, Fire and Medical, communications dispatchers, public, private and home school from elementary through college, corrections facilities, rehabilitation facilities, and more.
Please visit The Heart of it all page for more info and feel free to call or email me.