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 Nancy Elliott Music

          Tall Tree is complete! It is replicated and being mailed out to you the listener and to you the Radio station manager. I am thrilled beyond words with South~Western Americana.

          We didn't know exactly how we were going to do this, how we would create the sound we we looking for, but we stayed open to letting the stories tell us what they needed us to do for them, we had to let each song lead us. Each, and individual work of art.

          The amount of focus and energy required, just on my part alone, was incredible. Ismael was patient with my questions and doubts. He is a true teacher, an artist, who cares about the people he works with in the studio as if they are family. There were studio days when we would spend far more time studying Tall Tree than we did recording it. Listening and listening, speaking the story out loud again, asking our selves if we were headed the way we wanted to go, needed to go to achieve our goal of making each song stand alone, perfectly.

          Tall Tree is not a concept album. The only thread running through this work is to create the South~Western Americana sound. No one story is tied to another by any other thread. And the ingredients of South~Western Americana will change by the requirements of each song, like a recipe made to taste. It will certainly change as we grow in our ability and feel for this description of the South West and its art.

          Be blessed and always know you are loved,