1. Tall Tree

From the recording Tall Tree

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A haunting song of true love and it's loss.


Tall tree
bent over the canyon
  he stands so high  above the rim

gallant, fearless,
    like a warrior
braving all the world may send

When tired wings
  no longer soar
They are sheltered in his arms

But he looks below
    and sees the river
  his one true love  he'll never know

Oh River wild
    in the canyon
silver jeweled with azure blue

she sings to him
  a song of love
sparkling in the sunrise hue

she looks above
  every morning
to see her lover waiting true

as he sways
  to her love song
His branches whisper I love you

away, away
down in the canyon,
  where he cannot feel her touch

away away
he would take her
away and wrap her in his love

so far away
in miles or time
    Love still comes to fill the heart

deny the want,
  deny the longing
the heart gives way to love so true

If time were kind
  and life were tender
I would always  be your love

your heart fire
  would find its home
forever in our sweet embrace

Away away
  my hearts goes dreaming
of when you were here with me
Away away
  in fires remembered
when you wrapped me in your love

tall tree
    bent over the canyon
He stands so high
    above the rim

He looks below
  and sees his lover
his one true love
    he'll never know