From the recording Tall Tree

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The Starlight Ballroom, an old time Texas style dance hall. I think there is one in every Texas town. There should be one in every town, every where!


Shanghaied  near Abilene while riding to the ranch
Those cowboys turned my hoss around and we headed to the dance

tied our ponies to the rail, we'll be swinging pretty soon
a good ole time we'll have tonight at the Starlight Ballroom

I can hear that music playing, there's town folk by the score
we'll be dancing with them pretty gals until our feet are sore

Whet your whistle at the bar and loosen up the rust
Find a partner, hit the floor, and kick up that sawdust


Oh, That Starlight ballroom lights up this dusty town

you won't find a better place anywhere around
they call it cowboy heaven, a cowboy dream come true
just listen to that music, boys,  and you'll be swingin too

Check your pistols at the gate , you won't need them anymore
the only showdown that you'll have is dancing on the floor
my spurs they are a jangling as I dance across that room
we'er having us a real good time that won't be ending soon

we'll twirl those girls left and right and swing them all night long
we'll dosy doe till morning light and all the stars are gone
Riding back we'll laugh and sing a happy cowboy tune                                                         

Bout the fun we had last night at the Starlight Ballroom