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I wrote Bluebirds on our way out of Caprock Canyon State Park in Texas where we had seen hundreds of Indigo Buntings flying around the arroyo near a windmill, the only thing left of an old homestead along one of the many buffalo trails.
The American Bison in Caprock Canyon are from the herd that Charlie Goodnight and his wife drove into Caprock to protect them from slaughter. They are the original buffalo of the plains.


Hello there, friend. You look just fine!

I haven't see you in a very long time.

Most folks say you gave up the ghost.

Just goes to show ya' what most folks know!

Yes, when I left here some years ago,

I'd lost my way and was feeling sad and low

This old heart had paid some mighty hard dues

So, I hit the road with nothing to lose

Most days it's wide, sometimes it's steep.

It's never dim and the mud gets deep.

These days I'm packing a lighter load

And the bluebirds are singing on the buffalo road

When you have those days when you can't let go

When hurt and pain heap up like snow

when the whole wide world seems so unkind

There's a place to go that will ease your mind

Most days it's wide, some times it's steep

It's never dim and the mud gets deep.

You'll find your self packing a lighter load

Where the Bluebirds are singing on the buffalo road.